All true, Mark. In the 70s I had an ideal stereo system in mind, but could not afford it. Even though it’s taken me years I have finally put the system together and it really sounds great. My kids, however, in their 30s, think I’m crazy! And I think I might have to agree with them… there were only a few true audiophiles in my group of friends in the seventies, we knew who we were and where we could go to hear music played with quality (and with the proper volume!). I could go to my friend’s house, close my eyes and pretend the Chicago Symphony was right there! Same with the Beatles. Of course, it’s possible the pharmaceuticals had something to do with it!

Now I’m in my sixties, and even my ears are conspiring against me! And don’t get me started on the fact we no longer have liner notes in our hands to read!

Husband, father, artist. Friend of Bill. Animal lover. LGBTIA+ Ally. Suicide prevention. Eccentric, but in a friendly way, mostly. he/him

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